Rexton Y200 (2001 - 2006)(Edit)

Torque On Demand(Edit)

Manualy lockable in low gear ratio.

Figure: rexton i tod

Part-time all wheel drive. Low gear(Edit)

Figure: rexton i selectable

Rexton II Y250 (2006 - 2012)(Edit)

Full-time all wheel drive (Edit)

3 open differentials (front:rear 40:60), electronic traction control, that applies brakes to wheel, that is about to spin, thus transferring torque to wheels, that have traction.

More technical info:

Torque On Demand(Edit)

Manualy lockable in low gear ratio (2:48:1).

100% of driving force is transferred to rear wheels) on normal paved road. When the system detects a slip in the rear wheels, a proper percentage of driving force is transferred to front wheels.

On normal road surface In vehicle with existing part time transfer case, when a driver turns

the steering wheel to park in the 4WD mode, the vehicle may halt sensation of tight corner

braking phenomena. However, in vehicle with TOD system, this phenomena does not occur

and the driving force is properly and automatically distributed.


On paved road with high speed Driving at high speed on roads such as highway mainly uses

rear wheels as driving wheel. At this moment, some of torques is also distributed to front

wheels so that the vehicle could maintain safe ground grab capacity against side winds and

rain. Distribution ratio: 15% for front wheels and 85% for rear wheels.


When turning on the road with low friction rate During cornering on roads such as unpaved,

snowy, icy and muddy, ground grab capacity is increased by distributing required torque

and, at the same time, comfortable steering operation is maintained by controlling the

ground grab capacity at high level.

Distribution ratio: 30 % for front wheels and 70 % for rear wheels.


When climbing or starting off on the road with low friction rate In order to secure the

maximum ground grab capacity and driving force during climbing or starting off on the roads

such as unpaved, snowy and icy road, the system controls the driving force to distribute

properly in full 4WD mode. Distribution ratio: 50 % for front wheels and 50 % for rear wheels.

Figure: Rexton II TOD knob

More technical info:

Rexton W Y290 (2012 - 2017)(Edit)

Part-time all wheel drive. Low gear.

Figure: Rexton W AWD knob

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Rexton Y400 (2017 - ...)(Edit)

Part-time all wheel drive. Low gear

Figure: Rexton W

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