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2CV Sahara 4x4 1960-1966

Fitted with 2 425cc engines, one front and one at the rear.

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AX 4x4

Figure: citroen ax 4x4 interior

Figure: citroen ax 4x4 switch

Figure: citroen ax gearbox

Figure: citroen ax rear differential

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C4 Aircross

Same as Mitsubishi ASX.

Figure: citroen c4 aircross second generation switch

Figure: citroen c4 aircross second generation transsmision

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Same as Mitsubishi Outlander XL

Figure: citroen c crosser

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BX 4x4

full-time all wheel drive. Torque transfer under normal conditions 53/47% front/rear. Manually lockable planetary gear center differential. Limited-slip rear differential. On models, equipped with ABS - Torsen rear differential.

Figure: Citroen BX 4x4 transmission layout

Figure: Center differential lock button

Figure: Center differential lock button and differential lock indicator light

Figure: Citroen BX 4x4 rear differential

Figure: Citroen BX 4x4 rear Torsen type differential (top), and rear limited-slip differential (bottom)

Figure: Citroen BX center differential (This is confirmed to be 2WD gearbox, not 4x4, see Giuseppe comment below)

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Figure: Citroen Visa 4x4 prototype made by Automobile Dangel.

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Dino Kirov
February 12, 2018 - 02:21

The BX 4x4 and 405 4x4 use a BE3 gearbox, where the differential cover is slightly different to the 4x2 model and the transfer case (TK2A for the BX and TK2A, TK2B and TK2BR for the different 405 models) is attached directly to it. The front diff is in the transfer case and in the diff housing of the gearbox is only a shaft that gets the power from the gearbox to the transfer case.

I have an extensive photo thread about the 405 4x4 transfer case (mine has the TK2B) in the Bulgarian Peugeot club's forum, section 405, thread name: "Как изглежда раздатката на 405 4x4 отвътре? Виж тук."

August 14, 2014 - 01:42

Giuseppe is right , the BE3 gearbox is for front wheel drive

March 19, 2012 - 21:05

What about the AX 4x4? Rear diff was mounted on the torsion bar suspension and the car used a standard AX shell. The whole 4x4 assembly was hung from the running gear (no mods to the shell), making it very easy to reshell a 4x4 version in a normal FWD shell if required.

Reply to Toby
August 09, 2016 - 01:34

Wait... Are you saying you can just bolt on the necessary parts (transmission, driveshaft etc) onto a regular FWD AX? (Also apologies for resurrecting this thread)

March 13, 2011 - 18:29

The picture with the Center gearbox of the BX 4X4 is just a simple gearbox for frontwheeldrive.

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