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Figure: laforza 5 liter 4x4 button

Do you own Laforza 4X4? Can you please make a photo of the car's 4x4 transmission, switches, dashboard lights, etc. and send it to ?

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October 20, 2016 - 16:28

Laforza 5.0 89 and 90 model Years used the selectrac with a full time tranfer case from Newprocess (229) with viscous coupling. The Laforza 5.0 was able to drive in 3 modes:
2wd high, 4wd high and 4wd low. In the 4wd high the transfer case is able to transfer traction on the front and the rear trhuout a viscous coupling. In the 4wd low the transfer case it is 100% locked. You can switch from 2wd high to 4wd high on the fly with an electro pneumatic button on the dash up to 35/ 40mph. To switch to lower gears after the vehicle it is in neutral or slowly moving but not more then 1/2 mph you have to pull a manual lever on the right side of the center console after the 4wd high are engaged.
The front and rear differentials are Iveco self locking at 45% at front and 65% at rear. They are from a military vehicle called Iveco LM 40-10. It is possible to add manual locking for both differentials. The transmission on the Laforza it is a AOD from Ford.
There are other later version of Laforzas some with a AWD system from Ford ( explorer) model year 98 and few with the GM system from Cadilac escalade ( 2000/2001) . Those last version are using a newventure tranfer case as per the system present on the Cadillacs and few other GMC or Chevy trucks.

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